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James Chadburn

James Chadburn

BA (Hons) Physical Education and Sports Coaching

Summing up third year in one word... Hectic! My week is made up of; planning, reading, practicals, teaching, meetings, research, placements, more reading, lesson plans, deciding what to do after this degree which means personal statement writing, earning money, being a guinea pig for others' research projects, going to the gym, and when there is time - eating and sleeping.  Read more

So I see my attempt of blogging as an information and inspiration line of writing rather than letting you into every detail of what I had for breakfast last week, or what colour shoe laces to buy to make my shoes look that little bit different form everyone else’s.  Read more

A day in which you are surrounded by; information, strangers, potential new best friends, current students, lecturers, campus tours and more tea and coffee than you thought existed! Where nerves fill the air... The confident ask a thousand questions… the less confident hide in the corners taking it all in… Is this the University for me and will I get on the course I want?!?!  Read more