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10 things I've learned at university

The courtyard on Bishop Otter campus.

1. TAKE EAR PLUGS, if you have a lecture at 8am and your flatmates are knee deep into a game of ring of fire, you'll need them.

2. Don't bring washing up liquid, we currently have 8 full bottles in our kitchen.

3. Join any societies that interest you as it's such a good way of making friends. I joined the musical theater society and I'm currently rehearsing for my favorite musical ever, Spring Awakening.

4. Pre-drinking is your best friend. Get some Glen's vodka down your neck and be on your way.

5. Pasta, beans, and cheese is an insane combination.

6. Be prepared and take a few fancy dress costumes, they'll always come in handy!

7. The overdraft will be used. (I was convinced I wouldn't touch it.) But it's there to be used, just don't be stupid and start ordering 300 Kylie Lip Kits when you should be buying books.

8. Buy plastic knives and forks if you're lazy. I've probably washed up 5 times.

9. Texts from SFE will make your heart skip a beat, in a great way.

10. Freshers flu is real, load up with lemsip and eat your kale.

One last thing, enjoy it. This can be a scary time, I've certainly felt alone and worried. But if you throw yourself into it and enjoy your course- you'll have a great time.

Everyone is in the same boat so be open about your feelings and you'll never be alone.

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