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A glimpse into studying abroad... the final blog

This is my final newsletter from New York and It’s been a while since last writing - time has been slipping by far too quick and I’ve done so many things in the past month. I will start with a round up of all the University Work achieved since my last newsletter:

Nov 5th Field Trip - MoMA PS1 – Long Island City

Formerly a school, MoMA PS1 has been affiliated with, and funded by Manhattan MoMA since 2000 It is one of the largest art institutions in the United States dedicated solely to contemporary art and supports the work of emerging artists .It’s located in the Long Island City neighbourhood of Queens, New York City.

New Gravity by Tony Matelli.

This is such a large gallery that you could easily spend a whole day here and it’s got a less formal atmosphere than in MoMA Manhattan.

Sculpture 1 :Take a 25lb lump of clay and make 50 different ‘Whimsies’in 4 hrs.

On the following week , choose one of the objects ,

Cast a large block of plaster and carve, using the whimsy as a reference.

This took a further 2 classes to complete .

Prof Leib – making ‘Whimsies’

Group Crit .When asked by one of the students what my work was supposed to be, I said

“ That’s what we call a ‘bottom’ in England ! ” and she said….. “Ah, a Booty!”

Assignment : Take 200 everyday objects and let the material dictate your work.

I used 200 brown paper sandwich bags and a high powered fan. Below two classmates , Cassie and Jamille.

Ceramics 1 : Throw a plate, bowl and mug for final Crit. We are now using the potter’s wheel. I never figured how much muscle power you have to use – every Monday night my shoulders ache like mad ! This piece below was made from all the practice bowls and cups. I am glad to learn the techniques, but am not sure that I will take ceramics any further at this stage.

We complete the semester with a short essay about a ceramics exhibition and an exam on techniques and terminology.

Sculpture 2 : Consider the body as site , including your own or someone else’s physical form to create a work of any scale.

Using plaster ( it’s free to use here) I dipped clothing into plaster in a piece of work about

The Absent Body .

To complete this semester there is also an essay about three artists from MoMA PS1.

Feedback from Professor Sureck, Sculpture 2

“It's been a pleasure working with you this semester. Your exploration of materials with curiosity and rigor have been inspiring to me and to the class. From your first project as an investigation in altering a space and enchantment with syran wrap; your second involved shape, texture, gravity and association with your plaster/stockinged forms; and the third a continuation of plaster and fabric - following the human form.I still have the image in mind of your pouring pasta into stockings....perhaps that will be your next medium..or not!

Glad that you learned a bit from this course and your time in NYC, Please send images of projects as they continue back home with any combinations of these mediums - I'll be curios where you take the materials and ideas”.

Painting 2

Figurative painting is certainly not my strength so I haven’t photographed my work up to date but have done for the final Crit . We had a change of tutor due to the ill health of Prof Judith Bernstein which has been a bit disruptive to the class. Our new professor encourages ‘letting go’and pushing our work ‘off the canvas’. After seeing Alberto Burri at Guggenheim ,and with great enthusiasm from Prof Esposito, I have been using a blow torch as a brush. This is ‘right up my street’ !

Feedback from Prof Esposito Painting 2 :

“Thanks for your enthusiasm and I hope you continue to keep reaching and exploring the boundaries in your work. It has been a pleasure having you as a student. And good luck back in the UK. Happy holidays” Best, Chris Esposito

Below some scenes from the campus:

Goodbye Queens College and thanks for making me feel so welcome!