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Arrival in America!

Views from the roof of the new Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art, Chelsea, New York

I’ve arrived in New York to lovely warm weather, it’s between 80 and 90 degrees each day so I’ve been out and about in the sunshine .My classes didn’t commence until a few days ago so I’ve been getting organised and adjusting to local time which is -5 hours from GMT.

I am here for one semester,in total four months.

7th Avenue, Greenwich, at the end of my street

I’m living in Greenwich Village in a Salvation Army Hostel which is called the Markle Residence. Most of the other women here are American students from out of town but 20% are residents who are very welcoming and a great source of local information.

The hostel is typical of the real New York; it’s a bit ‘rough around the edges’. It’s in the most interesting and ‘cool’ location - a leafy street off the main drag of downtown 6th Avenue where the properties are old ‘Brown Stone’ town houses. I have an en suite single room and, considering the cost of accommodation in New York, it is definitely a bargain.

There is 24 hour reception, Wi Fi, a laundry, large sitting room with TV, Gym, and a roof terrace which saves a trip to the top of the Empire State building as the views are amazing. Food is included and is much healthier than I had expected; it really does save the hassle of cooking and buying pots and pans etc. . . . The deal is that you set yourself up like an apartment. They provide a bed and basic furniture and the rest is down to you, i.e. towels, duvet, cleaning materials, kettle etc. …

My room (I had to buy a plant!) -- View from my window