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Bishop Otter Campus Developments

So, the noise of construction has become a part of the background noise and diversions around campus are starting to become engraved in our walking patterns. But what are these new developments and what will they mean for students studying on the Bishop Otter Campus? 

Let's start at the front of the campus. The new Academic Teaching Building is going to be a new multi-space building that will be available for all students to utilise. The new build will contain new lecture spaces, including a multi-purpose room with a sprung floor, a new Students' Union shop and open access study spaces. There'll be new seminar spaces and tutorial spaces as well as a room that can be converted into a cinema room. Lectures and seminars that take place in University House will be relocated to the new, larger spaces in the new build. There are loads of windows meaning the classrooms will be light and airy but will have filtered glass to ensure that the screens can still be clearly seen from around the entire room. The new shop will allow for a wider range of stock to be sold and will open out onto Bazeley Court and, best of all, it'll be easily accessible with new, vibrant architecture making the shop feel more welcoming. 

It's not just the Academic Teaching Building which will change the look of the entrance to the campus. There will be a new bus turning circle, outdoor social space and the layout will ensure the entrance is more pedestrian friendly. The new build will also create a 'high street' style path which will lead parallel to the new build, through Bazeley Court, past the ShowRoom and into the Chapel Courtyard. Once the building is complete it will be so much easier to get across campus. 

Moving across campus, the other development, the Music Building is also starting to take shape and will masively improve the student experience for those studying music. For a while, music students have been struggling to find spaces to practice and rehearse, and the extension and development of the Music Building looks to eradicate those issues. The extension will provide further practice rooms, some of which will have sound proofing, a new reception areas and a large performance space that will open out onto New Hall Green. The landscapers will also be working to create a natural amphitheatre and outside social space which will be perfect for enjoying the summer months. 

So the new diversions may prove to be a bit annoying at times and while the construction workers are trying their hardest to cause as little disruption as possible, these new developments are very exciting and are looking to be fundamental to improving your student experience. Keep an eye out for the screens around campus showing the time lapses of the new builds and check your inbox for the weekly Estates Newsletter which will keep you updated on what's going on. I can't wait to see the campus when it's all finished. 

Find out more about the campus redevelopments on the University's website