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Christmas Hype!

So, that time of year has come at last. It’s finally December and I’m no longer mad when I hear shops playing Christmas songs. Speaking of which, the city had a big event for switching on the lights (which, if you haven’t seen them, look amazing), and there were fireworks. I was lucky enough to be quite close to the tree when the lights came on, and got a good view of the fireworks after I navigated around the band stand so that it wasn’t blocking them!

Christmas shopping is now underway (still need to buy presents for most of my family, oops) and we’re drawing into that period where all of the submission dates start to pile up. Most of my deadlines are within the next week, which is why I’m currently sitting in the library procrastinating… (Seriously though, if you haven’t been doing work in the library you should try it. The quiet floor is good for working with friends and the silent floor has such a good atmosphere for focusing.)

But looking on the bright side, we just have about ten days left (my maths may be a little off) until the holidays! Which is amazing but also terrifying because deadlines. However you choose to look at it, enjoy the end of the semester and have a great Christmas!