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Clubs & Societies

Clubs and societies are a great way to meet new people and engage with the wider university community. I’m currently in my third year at university and I have made full use of the clubs and societies at the university.

So far I have been involved in the following clubs, the Equestrian team, the trampolining team, the adventure education team, the snowsports team and the softball team, in varying degrees. This has given me such amazing experiences that I may not ever have had the fortune to do. For example, I have finally skied on snow when we went to the snowdome in Milton Keynes (didn’t make the ski trip though :( ) I went surfing for the first time AND managed to stand up on the board with the adventure education team, and I joined in some of the kayaking lessons and climbing sessions.

I have also learnt to horse ride to a fairly decent standard and have done jumping on the horses too (still not fallen off yet!)

Societies wise I am currently a part of the Music Society and the RPG and Tabletop Society. I have met many wonderful people from different courses, particularly History, Politics, Sports, Theology and Childhood Studies students from being in these clubs and societies and I am ever so glad to have done so. I have also been more involved in some of these groups. Firstly I was one of the founding members of the RPG and Tabletop society in my first year and I was part of the committee as the secretary.

In my second year I became the Kit Manager of the Equestrian Team and ordered any hoodies/t-shirts etc. that the team wanted. I am now currently the Vice President of the Music Society and help organise, advertise and run music events at the Student Union bar. Being involved and taking a committee role on a team or society has been a fantastic and rewarding experience for me and I have loved being involved.

I highly recommend it to anyone and it’s great for your CV too.

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