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More exploring and course work..

Oct 8th :Every year New York hosts a 2 week dance festival . Performers come from all over the world and the program is varied from classical ballet to urban dancing .

I was really transfixed by an Israeli group called L-E V who performed a set called ‘ Killer Pig’- amazing!

Course work I’m making the most of it and working hard. I am full time here. I have a lot more appreciation of what it’s like to living away from home as a student. The resources available like a car, workshop ,available materials etc. make life so much easier at home. The journey to Queens also limits the size and weight of materials to carry so I am being resourceful! My work here is experimental and back to basics in many ways.I have been using a hot gun to sculpt plastic. Right, coiled clay pot.Painting workshop is a struggle and taking me to a 2D concept- my choice !I haven’t included my self portrait – work in progress - The teaching here is very much directed rather than self motivated – this has its pluses and minuses as I’m used to free thinking. I have done my first video clip which was fun to make.

We had a good field trip last week with our Sculpture group to Socrates Sculpture Park at Long Island City

Agnes Denes –Living Pyramid

She brings together ecological, cultural and social concerns, a powerful dialogue between art, nature, and science. This park has a great location beside the East River. In the same location is the Noguchi Museum

Noguchi Museum with works by Noguchi (Long Island City). This museum was built by the artist who was also an architect .The artist has chosen each rock and used carving, polishing and tools to fashion each stone into bold abstract forms . A wonderfully serene space and garden.

Bushwick, Brooklyn .

Artists have gradually moved out from Williamsburg as it’s becoming gentrified .An interesting place -It was formerly the garment making district and is full of disused warehouses. The poster below was tied to a lamppost – a reminder of the gun laws here. Unlike U K, events like this barely make the news

Anastasia Ax. ‘ The World As Of Yesterday’, Performance.

Black and White Project Space , Bushwick.

Ax is a Swedish artist who uses her body and black ink to stage a live intervention with compressed shredded paper bales. She destroys the paper bale with wire cutters then fills her mouth with black ink which she then spits at the papers which are scattered in front of the audience.

Improvised Street Art, Soho

Amusingly,the neighbourhood next to Soho is known as No So!

Film Shoot- ‘Younger’ West 13th Street

11th Oct Stepping out of the Markle Residence this morning , I see the street is being used as a film location.

I have noticed several film shoots throughout my time here . I read today in the New York Times that NY is replacing Los Angeles for heading up the film industry and quote, “The growth is fuelled heavily by generous state tax credits, which reimburse production companies 30 percent of qualified costs incurred in the state. In addition to tax credits, the city’s Made in NY program offers media productions a discount of at least 10 percent from more than 1,200 local businesses, as well as free advertising on buses, on taxi television screens and in subway stations”.That’s the explaination then.

Monday 12th Oct Columbus Day

I thought I would head up North of New York to Beacon. My sculpture Prof recommended an art gallery called Dia Beacon and she said the journey up there is spectacular in ‘The Fall’.

It was one of my most memorable days so far on this trip. Below are some images of the journey. This is all in such sharp contrast to the hustle of the City. Beacon is also a popular hiking destination and there are many mansions of the wealthy New Yorkers who commute in to the city.

The train left Grand Central packed full ........ the further North we travelled ,the more the colours of the trees changed - this is a beautiful train journey !

The track hugs the shore of the Hudson River and if you press your face to the window , you can see the front of the train curving around the bends ahead.

So, arriving at Dia Beacon , I read the list of exhibitors and am in awe! Founded in 1974 , Dia Art Foundation is dedicated to commissioning, supporting presenting and preserving contemporary art . It is also the type of art that is my particular passion – mainly minimalist, bold, ambitious and emotionally and physically engaging. One needs a full day here to take it all in.

Richard Serra has several works here.

Walter De Maria

Bruce Nauman

Joseseph Beuys 

Michael Heizer 

Louise Lawler

Louise Bourgeois

– There are 33 of her works here. I photographed all of them- fantastic !

Gerard Richter

The building was formerly a Nabisco Biscuit labelling factory and was restored with direction from Robert Irwin.

Dan Flavin

Sol Le Witt

The weather has finally cooled off here after an exceptionally mild October- it’s still sunny though.

That’s it for now .