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artOne & why you need to be there

As a fine art student the first thing I learnt is that it is frowned upon by lecturers to shorten fine art into fart.

I also learnt the great importance an apron holds, and that despite wearing one you will find paint/ink/plaster/clay, and all sorts of other materials end up on your face/elbow/back of knee/right ear/left butt cheek, but if you go home clean you are simply not doing it right.

In lectures and seminars you view a multitude of images of naked people, in your first semester you are even required to spend hours drawing naked people yourself, yes some find it amusing, no I'm afraid it's not magic mike that you're drawing.

The tutors love to push you out of your comfort zone, go with it! You might just learn something new about yourself. Being able to draw and paint something realistically is not all art is cracked up to be, I've always been a firm believer that you don't even necessarily need to be able to draw to be artistically talented. Recently I've been filling balloons with paint, blowing them up and throwing darts at them over plastic, the end result is then put on a canvas stretcher, when I thought painting had to be precise and realistic I hated it! This however is my kind of painting.

The staff that work in Art One are the most enthusiastic individuals I've ever met, their passion for their jobs really shows. No idea is too out of the box for them.

Starting university is daunting for anyone but for an art student the biggest worries are that your work won't be good enough and that you won't be able to produce enough work in the time allocated. I can say from my time here I have never produced so my art work so quickly, so don't be worried, ideas will come, and with them comes so much mess you will need a mop, bucket, and probably another new apron (aprons end up works of art themselves if you ask me).

Artist research and lectures teach you that anything can be art, inspiration can be found pretty much anywhere, and lecturers sometimes give you odd tasks like draw on the same piece of paper until you go through it and have to stick on more paper, or go to a pebble beach and build a pebble tower as tall as you can. Art One and the people in it have a brilliant way of teaching you things about yourself as a person and an artist, not just how to paint and draw.