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Has it really been a MONTH already?!

As I sit here and write this post - I can't actually believe that I have been in Chichester away from home for a MONTH now! So much has happened in that time and FINALLY my room is beginning to feel like mine!! The notice board isn't looking as bare and my fairy lights arrived which were the little touch that my room needed!

It's honestly crazy and it's beginning to go really quickly now I've got into the swing of things and settling into a routine. I've got myself into more Ensemble type things within the music department to get those Ensembles stamps. Had my first rehearsal of my ensemble group and my first piano lesson (which went much better than expected). I've had two more flute lessons and my first little assessment paper in Musical Grammar. . I also found out that I'd got into Sinfonietta and had a few rehearsals. Some very interesting music was played but I did enjoy it quite a bit!

I've found the big Tescos which has dramatically reduced my weekly shop price (I'm extremely happy about this). It is a fair walk away from where I'm living though and you have to cross the busiest road where there is no bridge, but it's really nice to walk that distance and it's incredibly worthwhile. Gets me out for a little while anyway! It's nice to wander around and the clearance shelves have become my best friend!! Oh and I'm really enjoying cooking - I don't feel that I'm eating as a student as such, because I don't own any tins of baked beans nor have I been eating pot noodles!!

In the last week, I have booked my tickets to go home on Friday! I am so excited to go home - other than going to Croydon to see my Mum, I haven't actually left Chichester! I am really looking forward to being able to drive again, I miss it a lot. I'm not despising the walking, but it does tend to take a rather long time to get from A to B. At least it's keeping me healthy, of course! I hope I'll remember how to drive!! Of course I'm excited about seeing my family but I want to see my bed more than anything!!

Music - the biggest part of my life seeing as I'm a BMus Performance student at the University of Chichester. As part of our ensembles module on the course, we have to go and see six concerts; two of each colour - red, blue and green.

Monday 5th October was the first one of many this semester and was a 'blue' concert - meaning I could get a blue stamp on my card. The stamp is quite cute - a little cup of tea with a smiley face (simple things please simple minds). This concert was absolutely amazing!! A student from the Royal College of Music giving a piano recital and she was incredible - how amazing was that though. It did lift my mood for the rest of the week.

The concert was given in the chapel on the University campus - a lovely setting for a concert. It was lashing down with rain and it was really nice watching the water droplets fall down the glass panes as she was playing. There's something enchanting and magical about watching water 'dance'. Especially when she played Ravel Jeux D'eau.

Ning Hui See is from Singapore and my age, in her LAST YEAR of BMus at RCM (Seeing as I'm in my first year of the same degree!!!) She was fantastic! Within her programme she played Schumann, Ravel, Scarlatti, Beethoven and Liszt - it just sounded so easy and beautiful! She started playing at the age of 5 and by the time she was 10 had completed all the grades! I wasn't even playing the flute at the age of 5 and by the age of 10 had only been playing for just over a year!! It was an incredible concert and I'm looking forward to the rest of this semesters concerts.

I have also went to my second concert on Friday 16th October, this time getting a red stamp! It was a nice way to end a week, it lifted my mood and was really inspiring. Ensemble Concertante gave the performance, a Clarinet Quartet accompanied by an amazing pianist. They played a mixture of traditional music and modern stuff. Although I am not a clarinettist in the slightest, it was still really inspiring to see such wonderful musicians play and the pianist was incredible, making me want to practise to get as good.

Victoria xx