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How to balance your social and work life

Hey everybody,

So this week’s blog is all about focusing on your study as well as having time to have a social life with people from the university and within your block. I found this easy to do due to being able to do this through fresher’s week and I carried this on after, it helps if you attend the student nights at the clubs on a Thursday as you can do some work during the rest of the week and then enjoy yourself on a Thursday evening with people from the university that you know. Balancing your social and work life is simple when you get your head around what work needs to be done and when; by having a simple To Do list up in your room helps you organise your work and know when it needs to be done by. Within my room I have a big whiteboard with different coloured pens to help keep myself organised as well as being able to fit a social life in within my work.

By making sure you keep a balance between your social life and work life is a key part to having fun and completing your course at university. I made sure that I have as much fun as I can before I have to do my reading and assignments every day of each week. I also make sure that I socialise with people from other blocks on my campus because they are on my course as well rather than staying with the same people on my floor everyday for the whole year.