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How to be the perfect flatmate!


Living in halls is the actual dream: numerous flat parties, copious amounts of washing up and surviving off super noodles and snakebite for your first year of university. What could be better?

  1. My first tip: please just do your washing up, wash as you go and do it soon after you cook/eat, saves time, extra grime and hassle – plus you’ll always have clean crockery. No one enjoys mouldy mug!
  2. Always ask your flatmates if you’re going to be having a late one, everyone loves an after party but best to check first to keep everyone happy. Plus, offer them an invite, if you’re hosting why not invite them too?
  3. Speak your flatmates, go and knock on their door, spend time together but you’re not obliged to hang out all the time. Communication is bliss, especially if you want to borrow something! Let’s be honest, we all got excited when we embarked on the trip to IKEA to stock up on kitchen essentials.
  4. Next, I must suggest that you share the cleaning duties, rotas are useful but don’t work for everyone, if you clean up after yourself it saves spending ages cleaning weeks of mess. A tidy room = a tidy mind!
  5. Finally, keep track of your snacks, don’t leave mouldy pizza in the fridge for days, if you feel like sharing - cooking and eating together is a good money saver and always cool to be sociable. Who doesn’t love bonding over pasta?