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How to Hire the Right People

You don't often get the opportunity to recruit new people, so make the most of it! Although we sometimes feel apprehensive about finding the right person, it's also an exciting time; bringing someone new, with new ideas into your business.

Where to find them?

Don’t just stick with the norm, look for great people in unexpected places – both inside and outside your industry. Use your networks and let others know you're recruiting. Be open-minded - skills and attributes travel well.

Making your first hire is among the many big decisions for business owners. Can you justify the new hire in terms of cost and workload? Remember, this is the start of your future strategy for resourcing and developing your business; it needs to be carefully thought through - not just a decision based on NOW!

What's your USP?

Working in a small business is different to a larger company. It's important to find people who not only have the right ability, but also the right mentality. They'll have a great deal of responsibility from the start, it's demanding and requires flexibility. Staff should be adaptable, willing and able to turn their hand to a variety of tasks. In turn they'll have an opportunity to tailor their own career path, be part of a rapidly growing business, at the heart of the decision making process, and able to make a huge contribution to the growth of the business.

You want people who are actively looking for this type of opportunity and hiring someone who grows with the business can encourage loyalty.

Emphasise this in your job advert and in interviews. Sell your vision for the company, talk about your plans and your brand values.

Be clear on what you’re looking for

What qualities are important to you, the job and your business? You'll have a range of requirements that are 'teachable' but the important questions will tell you about the person's inherent qualities, for example, drive and integrity. These can't be taught so you really need to find out about them at interview.

Ask questions that will help you see the candidate's personal qualities. If you're not happy with the answers, ask more questions, probe until you're satisfied. If you're still not happy then they're probably not right for the job. Trust your gut and don't ignore the red flags.

Get the right people at the right time and you’ll be well on the way to success.

Some legal essentials

Do remember it's unlawful to discriminate against people in your recruitment. Don’t pre-judge or succumb to bias in your advert, short-listing, interview questions, or final selection.

The job offer too requires some thought to ensure you protect your business while you make the necessary employment checks, some of which are required by law.

There are many reasons why you may, or may not, choose to make an offer of employment but do take into account the protection given by the Equality Act 2010 as well as the need to follow fair procedures.

Ensure your recruitment and selection procedures reflect your legal responsibility to ensure that no unlawful discrimination occurs and that they comply with all relevant employment legislation.

Dianne Lambdin

Sussex HR Hub - Outsourced HR Specialists

Dianne has been attending our Business Knowledge Network since it started two years ago, helping her to develop and grow her business start up. It was with great pleasure that we had Dianne to deliver a very informative talk to our Business Network Community on How to Hire the Right People. This article is a summary of her talk.

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