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Life as a Mature Student

I was working from the age of 14 and left home at 15. Having now worked in multiple areas, and working from the ground up in some starting as an apprentice and leaving as a manager. I decided it was time to improve my education and learn new skills. Now seriously lacking in common ground with younger students despite as small a gap as 4 years I find myself befriending fellow mature students whom I share life experiences with.

In order to get to the Art One building by 9:00am each day I get up as 6:25am to have time to ready myself, and take my two dogs for a walk in the morning and drop one of at day care with my bicycle before I cycle to the train station.

As a new student I seriously underestimated just how exhausting university was going to be. I find myself going to bed earlier despite having worked day jobs and night jobs simultaneously, in the past, so far university is more tiring still. I reassure myself that soon I will be used to my new schedule and will have more energy at the end of the day.

Considering how tired I find myself within the first two weeks I can't imagine how other students just a fraction younger than me manage the work load and a more social life than mine including, room mates and party animals, loud music and beer pong.