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Life as a third year PE student so far...

Summing up third year in one word... Hectic! My week is made up of; planning, reading, practicals, teaching, meetings, research, placements, more reading, lesson plans, deciding what to do after this degree which means personal statement writing, earning money, being a guinea pig for others' research projects, going to the gym, and when there is time - eating and sleeping.

Seeing family and friends is a real struggle and their support and understanding is key.

Third year came around so quickly and engulfs your life up until Christmas. I’m lead to believe the second semester is less contact time on timetable, allowing for more time to writing dissertations, but right now my mind is going at a million miles an hour in semester one where I have; essays, a 3 hours exam to prepare for, starting to write my dissertation, applying for a Masters… the list goes on.

I am not writing this to scare anyone or give a negative view on third year. Everyone goes to University knowing it is going to be hard work, but this year it really hits home! Don’t get me wrong, I love hard work and being busy, I could not work in an office for instance, I’d get far too fidgety, but third year is a different ball game to the previous two…. And you know what… I LOVE IT! We are doing so many cool things from planning and teaching lessons, writing an essay in our chosen route-way which of course is interesting but also picking the subject for my dissertation means reading around a subject I am really interested in and believe I can find something new and interesting to offer to this industry. Of course I’m not going to change the world with my research, some of which will not be new, but a lot of it will, which is a really exciting thought.

You really get the sense this year that everything from the previous two years is being pulled together and finally we are on the home stretch, the big wide world is almost upon us, for some, like myself, I am so ready to get back into it, earning money, seeing family and friends again, getting on with my life. Even though I am applying for a Masters at the University, I’m going to do it part-time, allowing me to work in the industry I have been training so hard to get into for the past few years, and that is a really exciting prospect.

There are plenty of challenges along the way, whether it be; your housemates keeping you up from noise, missing family and friends, not sure if the degree is actually what you want. Whatever the challenge, just remember your own personal goals and aspirations, focus on the positive, this is what I do. I always have a smile on my face, always appear happy even if inside I just want to throw it all in sometimes.

One last big leap and I will be the professional I want to be!