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Mature Student Experience of Studying Psychology

My name's Sheryl, I'm 53 and studying Psychology at the University of Chichester.

Chichester university was the only university I visited. I loved the atmosphere the moment I arrived; even though it was a cold, damp February day the warmth of the campus and the teaching staff shone through. I loved, (and still love) how easy it was to get around the campus and how helpful and friendly everyone was. You are a valued individual at Chichester, not just a nameless face in a huge lecture theatre.

As mentioned in one of the Positive Psychology lectures, we are all amateur psychologists, coming here and studying Psychology just takes it a few steps further! I've always been interested, (ok nosey) about what makes people, 'tick' and that's exactly what this course is all about. It also gives me many valuable insights into my behaviour patterns and traits; as I truly believe that self-knowledge is power this is an added bonus.

It's hard to choose my favourite module as they've all been interesting, albeit in different ways. If I had to choose my one it would be the Positive Psychology module although the Biological Psychology comes a close second (sorry Sue!). Taught by the excellent Esther Burkitt, Positive Psychology focuses on enhancing the positive qualities that humans possess rather than finding ways to uncover and treat the negative symptoms of dis-ease that the rest of psychology seems to focus on.

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