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My Reading Week

That’s an adequate introduction of myself, right? I’ve never been great at introducing myself.

For Reading Week I went home for the week (original I know) to see my family. My Dad has moved out of the Lodge (read: Shed) that he used to work in at the bottom of the garden so my family renovated it into a kind of guest house for me to stay in (very cosy!).

The highlights of my week were going to the zoo (much animals, very Halloween), and going ice skating. Six days later and the bruises have still not healed and I’m starting to wonder if I managed to fracture my hip without noticing it.

It was really good to be home and see my family again, even if I came to realise that my hometown doesn’t really compare to the beauty of Chichester. At the same time, it’s good to be back at the University and getting on with work again.