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New beginnings/Clean slate

Hey, so first off I believe that we haven’t met before! So we should get acquainted with each other, or more like you find out about me. My name is Jessica Smith and I am 19 years young. My current focus is studying Primary Teaching Specialising in Early Years through my first year and having fun. At this current moment in time I am living in Bognor due to my course and within my halls, my floor consists of 6 rooms all occupied with friendly, lovely girls.

My course sounds very full on but throughout this year, I am attempting to have as much fun as possible as well as studying and carrying on my recommended amount of reading per week. So now Fresher’s Week was by far the most amazing week I have ever experienced as there was so much going on in the evenings as well as during my induction week of my course. Try to meet as many people as you can throughout your whole time whilst on the course, whether they live on the same campus as you or they commute each day. Going over to the main campus for some events may be your best shot at meeting new people as well as being in a different setting for a night out.