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Open Days...

A day in which you are surrounded by; information, strangers, potential new best friends, current students, lecturers, campus tours and more tea and coffee than you thought existed! Where nerves fill the air... The confident ask a thousand questions… the less confident hide in the corners taking it all in… Is this the University for me and will I get on the course I want?!?!

I am a third year Physical Education and Sports Coaching student and actually am lucky enough to be on my second degree, so I suppose at the ripe old age of 25 you could call me a ‘mature student’. I have been the year representative for my course for the last two years so I’d say a few people have a little faith in me. Common nicknames consist from Burn, Chad, Grandad and the busiest man in the University. A lecturer told us early on, if you want to succeed get as many fingers in as many pies as possible… So that is what I have done.

To keep this Blog current I will talk about the most recent Open Day just gone and with two more up and coming within October, hopefully I can offer a little insight in what to expect but also allow you to come a little more prepared.

First of all, obviously you need to come and experience the University of Chichester and everything we offer. Secondly pray for sunshine! We have a beautiful campus (including the Bognor Campus) and everything is better in the sun. Thirdly bring an open mind about the course you coming to see and take advantage of all the help and information available to you.

OK, so to the first point. The University of Chichester is small, homely, friendly, community feeling and most importantly it’s growing! As you’ll see when you visit, parts of the University are under development, but this has been going on ever since I started. This is an exciting time to be joining the University no matter what course you’re looking into. If you want to take my advice, do not double up on Open Days, just pick one University at a time and spend time at the Uni to really get a feeling of the campus and the surrounding area. One thing I always say to students is if you feel comfortable somewhere then that should be a good 70% towards making up your mind on where to go. You will be spending at least 3 years in and around the Uni so you need to be happy with the whole package.

Second Point. The University is a beautiful place to be, on either campus.

Chichester campus --- Bognor campus

Thirdly, and the last point. Many of you will come with a course in mind, but when you arrive at your information stand, you will see there are so many options of a similar nature and offer similar modules but a variety of route ways which may suit you better. Take in all the information you can, compare courses, talk to lecturers and current students. Look around the department and look beyond any marketing ploys. Pick one which best suits you!!

I hope this blog has been helpful to you. I will be around the Open Days so look forward to see the next year’s potential Freshers!! :)