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Out and About in New York

November and December 2015
If you come to New York to study or visit , bring bags of energy with you ! There is something about this city that pulls you up out of bed in the morning and compels you to engage with and experience as much as you can . I’m coming back to UK for a rest!
Sat 7th Nov ‘ The Accidental Pervert ‘

An off Broadway Show/Stand Up Comedy in a theatre that seats just 60 people. Andrew Goffman does a great job of telling us his story in this hilarious one man show. If you are in NY he performs this show every Friday and Saturday night year in year out .

The Museum of Feelings

We queued for 2 hours to get in as this pop up Museum was promoted all over New York – it turns out the museum is not a museum at all. It is an elaborate, walk-through advertisement for Glade products, complete with some very attentive brand ambassadors dressed in costume! Fun though.

Nov 8th

I had family staying for a long weekend , so we did some of the sights: View from the top of The Freedom Tower – currently the second tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere ( CN Tower in Toronto, beats it by a couple of metres ), we also went to 9/11 Museum which was very poignant.

10th Nov ‘ Lion King’ , Broadway

Dozens of African wildlife forms are brought to life as actual-size puppets operated by visible humans using poles, wheels and masks that don’t cover their own faces. The actors playing lions have headdresses that rest on top their heads, creating two focal points, one human being and one the animal.

Whilst on Broadway, and at the risk of sounding star struck , we spotted Al Pacino arriving at the Theatre to appear in ’China Doll’.He was very gracious to his fans!

13th Nov ‘Wolfpack’ Movie/Documentary Including Interview With The Director And The ‘Wolves’

The movie is about a family who home schooled and raised their seven children in the confinement of their apartment in the Lower East Side of New York City. The seven ‘boys’ were there at the movie theatre and answered questions from the audience. What was so interesting was that as they grew up in the apartment they made their own entertainment and were all very creative, re-enacting movies they had watched. Since being ‘released’ from their confinement five of them were now working in the movie industry in New York. It was a fascinating evening.

14th Nov : ’Wunderbaum , Looking for Paul ’ New York Live Arts Theatre

The Paul in question is American artist Paul McCarthy and the gist of it is: should the tax payer pay for public art ?The final third of the evening takes the form of a live version of McCarthy's video work, and references everything from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf to Beckett and Hollywood. It featured copious amounts of ketchup, chocolate sauce and dill pickles!

20th Nov Photographer Steve Mc Curry ‘India’ Rubin Museum

Steve McCurry is the famous photographer of National Geographic’s ‘Afghan Girl’. Interestingly , his sister Jean McCurry is one of my fellow residents at the Markle.

Nov 21st Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular

I went to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular which is an annual event here and very traditional. For those of you old enough to remember the Tiller Girls, these are the ‘Rockettes’- it's a completely synchronised, high kicking spectacle not to be missed if you are in the Big Apple around Christmas time. Sheer fun!

New York starts to decorate for Christmas as soon as the Thanksgiving weekend is over although, for many Americans ,Thanksgiving is a more important family time .

Nov 26th Macey’s Thanksgiving Parade

Battery Park and the Museum the of the American Indian (Hudson River)

The bronze ‘Lost at Sea’ depicts a man reaching up from the water to be rescued. Statue of Liberty in the distance.

See my next blog for museum visits and more....