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Psychology Experiment on Brain Activity

Experiment 1

Two participants would dip their hands into freezing water, one participant would be blindfolded and the other would be made busy through talking to others or searching on their phones.

After one minute, each participant would rate there pain from 1 (being no pain) to 10 (high pain)

The findings suggested, whilst distracted, pain is more bearable.

Things we must consider; other distractions in the room, gender, individuals pain tolerance level and room temperature.

Experiment 2

A participant was connected to an EEG, a machine which records brain activity.

There were large fluctuations of the brain activity. when the participant listened to music.

Music was then manipulated from high tempo to slow tempo, and the brain activity was recorded.

High tempo music caused higher peaks of brain activity on the EEG monitor. 

Things to consider; preference of music, volume of music, background noise and individual differences.

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