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Reading outdoors with Year 2 Education students

I was so pleased to be able to join the Year 2 Primary Education students today when they went to Seeley Copse for Forest School.  The idea was that if the students have fun outdoors and enjoy the environment then they will be able to inspire the children they are teaching to feel the same about learning outdoors.  We built dens, lit fires, drank hot chocolate and read books with a theme of "nature".  This was my first experience of Forest School with students so maybe I was enjoying myself too much, but I did feel that storytelling in the woods was rather magical!  There are so many books that can begin to foster a love of nature that I couldn't choose a few and decided that I would rather bring a huge box with me.  I regretted this on the walk back to the car park! Two of my favourites that I shared with the students are Bog baby by Jeanne Willis and The Promise by Nicola Davies.