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Second Year Psychology Student

Hello, I am Holly Cuthbertson, a student at the University of Chichester. I take Psychology and I am currently in the second year of the course.

I chose to do psychology at this university because the student satisfaction was one of the highest in the country. For me, this was a key indicator that the university provided frequent support and consistently met my needs, and I was correct. The lectures in our course give vast amounts of encouragement and offer tutorials and one-to-ones regularly.

Over these two years, any question, big or small, I always find the answers quickly and accurately (this really helps put your mind at ease when stressed over assignments). Lecturers here are so enthusiastic, engaging and dutiful. The lecture material is always new and different every time you enter the room, which is rewarding, challenging and fun.

The greatest thing about psychology is its real life application. I am genuinely intrigued about the topics we learn. If you are like me and enjoy discovering more about yourself, others and the world around you, psychology is textbook. It allows students to thrive; putting your own perspective on in depth and meaningful theories, and feeling involved through contributing to significant concepts.

Rather than simply problem solving, you are encompassing the whole meaning of life; consistently reflecting on yourself (behaviours, thoughts, emotions, etc.). Additionally, challenging the world we live in can help beneficially contribute to other people’s livelihoods.

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