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The 7 emotions of Results Day


If you can sleep the night before Results Day, congratulations.


Walking into college, seeing everyone opening their letters. There’s smiles, tears, laughter. Is that nervous laughter? Probably.


You didn’t do as good as you hoped. You did better than you thought. You got a C in Maths?!


If you haven’t got the grades you expected, you may get a case of the Results Day blues. Your friend might have not done as well and be upset you’re off to uni and they’re not. Whatever happens, don’t get too down in the dumps yet. It’s probably the start of something beautiful.


If only that tutor had have given you more 1:1s! At Chichester we give you your own Academic Advisor and our lecturers operate an open office - so you’re always welcome to drop in with any questions. Just saying.


At last. The stress is over. You’ve called our Clearing hotline, spoken to a lovely advisor, booked a campus tour and your future is now in safe hands. You can breathe now.


You’ve visited the campus, fallen in love with the city and arranged for your whole family to relocate to Chichester. See you in September!

Call our Clearing hotline on 01243 816001 and book a campus tour.