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What niche is your business in?

I love the eclectic mix of businesses that I get to work with here at the University of Chichester Business School, in the Business Incubation Centre.

When the Incubation Centre was set up I researched and sought advice on whether or not it should have a focus on a particular niche. I received many conflicting opinions and decided that it will be a general business incubator.

If you are starting a business in the area local to Bognor Regis or you are moving a business into the area then we would welcome you with open arms. Those open arms would be full of support to help you settle in, grow, develop and succeed with your business.

The Incubation Centre has just welcomed a new tenant into our offices, a fashion company that specialises in high end women’s jeans. That’s niche. And I’m looking forward to working with them in the future.

There has also been a new member of the business incubation centre, a start-up that is developing a very niche medical device. They want to take advantage of the hot desk space, the sign posting, the library, ad hoc business support and the peer to peer workgroups.

I’m also in discussions with a start-up community interest company that prints and binds books using traditional methods and runs workshops on these subjects. Again very niche.

Other businesses that are either members or tenants of the Business Incubation Offices here in Bognor Regis include a specialist trainer to the finance industry, a clothing brand that specialises in gym wear to body building athletes, through to a charity that is building a centre for young people in Sussex, Heath and Safety consultants and a tech start up that specialises in the development of wi fi networks.

I’m glad we are not niche in who we work with. They say that variety is the spice of life. But we are niche in what we do, we are a University who, within our Business Incubation Centre, specialise in sharing knowledge, working with businesses, especially start ups and pre-start business founders to achieve success, whether that is from the local community or with students within the University.