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Why I Chose to Go Here

The first time I heard about the University of Chichester was when my girlfriend and her friend were looking at courses here. They recommended it to me, saying that the Uni looked good and it was considered to have a friendly atmosphere. So I went onto Google and looked up the University, planning on looking at the Creative Writing courses on offer. Sounds simple, right? Wrong.

Somehow, and to this day I have absolutely no idea how, I managed to end up on a completely different university page, looking at an English department that offered one or two courses that I really didn’t like the look of. So I decided against picking the Uni, and looked at other options. After an open day that my girlfriend attended, she returned and mentioned seeing a stand advertising creative writing, saying that it had seemed pretty busy and looked like a really good course. Confused, I went onto the internet again and found – the actual University of Chichester website. I don’t even know. I’m convinced that I’m a victim of the Mandela effect. Either way, I took a look at the Creative Writing course and it looked perfect, so – I applied.

Now two months in and the course hasn’t disappointed, I’ve made new friends, life here is pretty good. And the moral of the story is – learn to use the internet better than I did.