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Year 3 So Far

I’d already been preparing for my third year over summer by learning some of the songs on bass for my colleagues vocal performance dissertation.

That was around my part time job as a waitress and my voluntary job working on a rock show at a Radio Station in Southampton. I’d learnt about 6 or 7 of the tracks, which is about half of the set list for the 45 minute long dissertation; and then university started.

Somehow I felt like I was doing about 3 degrees at once!! I did loads of extra-curricular activities in first and second year, yet somehow I was struggling for time to do work and it was only the first few weeks of university and the extra-curricular stuff hadn’t even started yet!!


I thought it would be busy in my dissertation year (which for me is next year) but I didn’t think I’d be this busy in my third year. Although things haven’t calmed down or reduced, I seem to be (just about) managing to get everything done.

I think that part of the reason why I have felt so busy this year is that I am in more bands that are doing a vast amount of songs. The current count of assessments that I will be assisting in is 4 ensembles, 2 singing assessments, 1 bass assessment and 1 dissertation, possibly also a drum assessment as well (watch this space).

That’s not including being involved in the Pops Orchestra too. The current song count to learn is 43 songs, now comparing that to the song count from last year, where I learnt 5 songs, that’s a dramatic leap. No wonder I’m short of time!!

Despite the amount of work, I’m loving being in all these ensembles and the songs vary from Shania Twain to Trivium in the rock ‘n’ pop ensembles and a Dances With Wolves medley in Pops Orchestra. Certainly should keep me out of trouble!