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8 things you absolutely MUST pack for university

  1. Door wedge- keeping your door propped open on Fresher’s Week will make it easy for people to drop in and introduce themselves.
  2. Sweets - Never underestimate the power of sweets when making new friends.
  3. A few different playlists - Create a party playlist to gear you up for a night out in our award winning bar, and work out songs to get you into beast mode for the onsite gym.
  4. A deck of cards - There’s no limit to the games you can play and it’s a perfect ice breaker.
  5. Dressing up clothes - With all the sports clubs and societies, you’ll definitely be celebrating. Or commiserating. Either way you’ll be in a ridiculous outfit.
  6. Swimming stuff - Bognor Regis campus is only half a mile from the beach! You probably don’t want to join the locals for the Christmas Day ‘dip’ though…
  7. Bedding - After all the excitement of making more friends than you can remember the name of and running around like a lunatic, you’ll want somewhere nice to crash out and recharge.
  8. Toastie maker - Again, the power of food. Also you’ll be surprised by the number of people who managed to pack enough bunting and fairy lights to decorate the whole University but forgot to bring any cutlery.

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