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Procrastination expert? 5 ways to stop

  1. Make a list – Make a to-do list of all the things you know you’re avoiding and enjoy the satisfaction when you tick off all those things.
  2. Cheat yourself - always leave references until the last minute? Do them as you go. You’ll shave off at least 5 hours of pure panic before the deadline.
  3. Be kind to your future self - It’s tempting to think you’ll magically be more efficient or superhuman in a few days’ time. But those days will pass and you’ll be even more stressed because you’ve procrastinated!
  4. Focus on success -Hard work isn’t easy, but applying yourself and seeing results helps you grow as a person and show your full potential.
  5. Bargain with yourself - If you reach 8000 words by Tuesday, you can enjoy a Netflix binge guilt free.

Signed, a true procrastinator.

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