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My year at the University of New Brunswick Canada

Spending the year studying at UNB Canada has been an amazing experience.

Getting to live and experience a different culture, see new places and meet new people with totally different background allows you to be more open minded and take advantage of every opportunity.

Living on campus in residence allows you to gain the full experience of the university from orientation week and living in a house and getting involved in different house events. This means you get to know people you live with well by going to formals and different themed socials.

Each semester the university put on a range of intermural sports that include popular sports within Canada, ranging from water polo to ice hockey. This involves games between all the houses and regular games and getting to play alongside the same team every week and everyone can play with a ranging ability.

UNB is a much larger university and so have lots of facilities available to students including a large sports facility, library, social study spaces, student support for maths and English to help with reviewing assignments. The way classes are structured is similar to Chichester consisting of labs and lectures and has lots of choice on what you can take to suit you giving you more freedom over your module choices and ensures you can take classes that will interest you. Study breaks and holidays gives you the chance to see more of Canada going to stay with friends and see amazing places that you otherwise wouldn’t get to and experience everyday Canadian life.

Winter is especially exciting as there is always snow and can go on trips skiing with the university and try out skiing or snowboarding or even go sledging or have snowball fights. I would highly recommend going on exchange for anyone!