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Lucy, member of the @ucsu_fes "Here is my picture of me and the woman who inspires me - my Auntie Julie. Like me, she had a rocky beginning starting at University (changing Uni's/courses etc.) but she eventually succeeded in graduating back in 2000 and was the main inspiration for me to 'keep going' and to not let the past affect the future. She is the biggest Star Wars fan I know, is a proud feminist and enjoys reading graphic novels which are female-centered." #chiuni #iwd2017 #womensday #femaleempowerment #fes #feminism

Laura, member of @ucsu_fes "Heloise lettisier, (stage name Christine and the queens) though only a recent discovery mine, has well and truly cemented herself as one of my biggest inspirations in life. After watching her perform at Glastonbury last year, I instantly fell in love with both her and her music. However, It was not until I recently happened across an interview about her life, did I realise how truly inspirational and important she would become in my own life. Though I am still learning, She has taught me to truly embrace my flaws and insecurities, because they are what make me, me. She has taught me that I can be successful in whatever I may put my mind to. A person's gender should NEVER be a reason to stop them from them from achieving their goals. Women can be and will continue to be strong, successful and independent individuals, in ALL aspects of life. Finally, She has also taught me the value of not only loving and celebrating others but also the value of self love, something I believe that gets ridiculed or forgotten far too often. (I also adore her fashion sense...she rocks a pantsuit)" #chiuni #iwd2017 #womensday #femaleempowerment #fes #feminism @christineandthequeens

Jenni, President of the @ucsu_fes "My Mother is my biggest inspiration; after competing for her county in athletics, she left home at 17 to join the army, speaking French, German and Russian she worked as a translator while stationed in Germany and Cyprus. She left the military after marrying my Dad to become the main breadwinner whilst raising four children; She is fiercely intelligent and has dedicted her life to her children, teaching us compassion, independence, and integrity. My second biggest influence is my 2 year old niece Nancy. Everything I do to change the views of society is for her, to ensure she grows up in a world free from sexism and discrimination." #chiuni #iwd2017 #womensday #femaleempowerment #fes #feminism

Isobel, Vice-President of @ucsu_fes "I read Malala's biography when I was in college, and around the time I was thinking of applying for university, and this perspective on education that I'd never heard before really spoke to me and made me feel grateful for what I have and what I can achieve. The fact that we are the same age also makes me realise how much one person can do, no matter who they are. She's so amazing and brave for sharing her story." #chiuni #iwd2017 #womensday #femaleempowerment #fes #feminism