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One week to go!

The numbers are increasing and now we’re nearly reaching close to 450 attendees. I reckon with one final push we could get close to 500 students coming in, and that’s excluding all the parents and friends that may be coming along with them! It’s going to be an incredibly busy day, and one that I haven’t experienced yet at the University. I’ve been part of Experience Days, otherwise known as Insight Days, which saw 200 students attend so I can safely this upcoming event will be more manic. I’m still not quite sure where I’ll be but I can imagine I’ll be running around all over the place doing campus tours, showing guests around, answering questions and doing a lot of talking so I need to be up for it!

We’ve recently moved offices so we’ve had to carry on our event management through all the moving and shuffling we’ve had to do. We’ve had to work in a computer room for 3 days, a room that’s normally used for a seminar so it wasn’t the ideal of environments. Not having everything you need, all boxed up and not having the right software on the computers has really slowed the process down especially as we’ve had to re-do the programmes for the Open Day. But having said all that, we’ve moved in to our new office upstairs and we’ve cracked on. Fair play to all the teams around us during this period so now it’s down to the final details.

It’s tough to predict how the day will go from my point of view, where I’ll be, who’ll be where but the overall aim is to convince everyone that’s coming we’re the right university for them. I’m aware that other university Open Days may fall on the same day as ours so we might have come down to a coin toss to some students. Then it’ll be down to us to convince them when they arrive and that’s what sales all about at the end of the day. We’re the recruitment team in marketing; thus our goal is to make sales.

I’m coming to the end of my contract however, one more week in the office and I’m out again for UCAS events in Bradford, Bedfordshire and Essex. I may have to write another blog to sum up my 6 months here, but that’s for another time. Then I’ll be unemployed! The filmmaking career awaits.