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Open Day: Meet the team

Two years ago I graduated from the University of Chichester. Two years on I’m now working in the Marketing Department for Student Recruitment as a graduate trainee.

Never would I have thought I’d be working where I studied for three years. Even though it’s not a permanent position, the university has always been welcoming ever since I arrived back in 2011.

Four months into the job, I’m working as part of the recruitment team to organise the first Open Day of the year. I’ve stood in both the position of a potential student, intrigued by what this university has to offer, as well as a staff member stressing over the little details that will make this Open Day a success.

Advising students on the right course for them at the Chichester UCAS exhibition

My role, in the past couple of months, has been promoting the university in various cities up and down the country. Each university holds a UCAS event where students from schools and colleges can attend and find out what courses the universities offer. In March we went to Manchester, Portsmouth, Bristol, Worcester and Bournemouth. In April I drove to Cornwall and Exeter, as well as attending the smaller higher education fairs in Middlesex and Uxbridge College.

My days on the road go something like this: I set up my stall the evening before or the morning of the event, show off our new interactive prospectus as well as advertising our Open Day that is plastered on every flip out Z-card. I also share my experiences as a student - I’ve had some great conversations at each event I’ve been to.

If I do a little digging, I can find out whether anyone that I spoke to has applied for our Open Day. As ambitious as I am, I’d want to see a high number of students that I scanned at these events on our booking system, and if I see names that I recognise then I’m pretty satisfied because I managed to convince them to come down to Chichester.

I’ve definitely enjoyed travelling, going to cities I’ve never planned on going to, and making friends along the way from other universities. Now I’m looking forward to seeing some of those faces I met up and down the country at our upcoming Open Days, and I wonder if any of these potential students will recognise me! Come and say Hello!

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